[Packet Tracer Lab] Basic EIGRP Lab For Beginners


You are a consultant for company "ROUTE-Lab-1". "ROUTE-Lab-1" has three offices, in Boston, Denver, and Seattle. The company has contracted with a major telecom provider to provide a frame relay connection between offices. Each office has a T-1 connection to the frame relay cloud, and two PVCs on that T-1 connection - one going to each of the offices. Each office has a Cisco 2621XM router connecting the LANs to the WAN.

Each of the other offices has one LAN.

Network Connections

LAN Connections

OfficeInterfaceIP Address

WAN Connections

All IP addresses are in a /30 subnet.

OfficeDLCIIP AddressOfficeDLCIIP Address


Create three documents necessary to implement and verify an EIGRP routing protocol solution for "ROUTE-Lab-1" using best practices. Where possible, the three routers should be configured identically.

  1. Design Decisions Document (explaining the design decisions and why they were chosen)
  2. Implementation Plan (giving the actual commands to be entered)
  3. Verification Plan (showing commands plus output to verify that the configuration works)
  4. Back-out Plan (giving the actual commands needed to back out your changes)

GNS3 Simulator Files

Office Configurations

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